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Crafting Identity and Unity:
Our Story at Hawkesbury Screen Printing & Embroidery


For more than 16 years, Hawkesbury Screen Printing has been a steadfast provider of high-quality apparel to school kids, sports teams, and hardworking individuals within the Hawkesbury community and across New South Wales. Our expertise lies in the art of Hawkesbury screen printing, where we marry creativity with craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

Whether outfitting school spirit, uniting sports enthusiasts, or catering to professional uniforms, we go beyond mere clothing – we create a sense of belonging. Our proficiency extends to a diverse range of garments, all open to the magic of our Hawkesbury Screen Printing and Embroidery.


Transforming ideas into garments through screen printing & embroidery.

Years of Unity

Uniting Hawkesbury with clothing for schools, sports, and work.


Diverse range, superior craftsmanship.


Personalised designs reflect your uniqueness.

Dive into our range of offerings conveniently displayed in-store, or explore curated selections from our partner suppliers showcased on the left.

However, if your imagination beckons beyond these choices, we invite you to connect with us. Let's collaborate to tailor-make a design that resonates uniquely with you.

At Hawkesbury Screen Printing & Embroidery, we are not just fashioning clothing but weaving stories, fostering unity, and empowering self-expression. Let us be your canvas for creativity; we will transform ideas into tangible artistry.

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DYE Sublimation

Why Choose Us?

Artistry Redefined

Our fusion of craftsmanship and creativity brings your ideas to life, crafting garments that embody your vision.

Rooted in Community

With 16+ years of service, we are an integral part of Hawkesbury, uniting schools, sports teams, and local businesses.

Excellence in Every Stitch

We set the bar high for quality. From fabric selection to screen printing and embroidery, our standards remain unmatched.

Tailored to You

Acknowledging uniqueness. Our personalised approach ensures your clothing mirrors your identity, values, and team spirit.

Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead with our innovative techniques. We consider new trends to offer you creative designs and materials.

Beyond Clothing

We are more than a printing service. We are a canvas for expression and unity. Join us in turning garments into stories.
Choosing Hawkesbury Screen Printing & Embroidery is choosing a journey of innovation, community, and exceptional quality. Let's craft a shared narrative through the art of clothing.
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